What is IT Infrastructure ?

This page is a summary of What is IT Infrastructure ?

You want to have a better understanding about IT Infrastructure ? Let’s have a look here.

” Networks are all about paths of communication. Whether these are interconnected highways in a country or the connection of the neurons in the brain or an electrical subsystems joined with each other, the term Network is applicable to all of them…”

” Cloud computing is not new a technology, a new architecture or a new method. As I mentioned in a previous post: Cloud Computing is a new business model for providing IT. It is like the difference between
Build a house
Rent a house…”

” Storage, what a nice topic ! You know, I like the base line of a famous storage vendor about computing Storage : “Where information lives”. This is true !
The storage is where all the datas and informations are. I introduced in a previous post on the Datacenter side. Datas Storage and Mass Storage are in the Datacenter. “

” I had some comments about explaining and defining more what is IT Infrastructure. I am very pleased to introduce this new serial ! Back to basics : What is IT Infrastructure ? Datacenter and PUE.”

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