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Cloud computing is well beyond the “buzzword” or slide ware the stage. It will definitely have a large impact on every player in the IT game – end users & customers, business users, service providers, telcos, software vendors, IS shops & IT professionals. The benefits are just too great to be ignored.”

“EPITECH, as a school for computer science, got a real culture around “do it yourself”. Now, we started to change, because our business is changing. We can no longer focus our power on IT Services which has no “business necessity” but just is a commodity. For the first time this year, students’ emails are no longer at EPITECH but in the Cloud on the live@edu service hosted by Microsoft…”

” Verteego is an online environmental performance applications vendor. In other words, we provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help businesses go green by, for instance, monitoring their Greenhouse Gas emissions, or tracking hazardous chemicals in their supply chain. We basically are a pure player in the Cloud Computing space. Verteego wouldn’t exist as it is without the very notion of Cloud Computing, and Cloud Computing software pioneers such as SalesForce or NetSuite. So, Cloud Computing is not really a change driver for Verteego, but more of an enabler…”

Cloud Computing is one of the trends leading to a commoditization of IT services. More and more IT services will become a commodity (that will be for sale to the better, maybe cheaper, bidder) that will not be part of the company’s competitive advantage.
By essence, Cloud computing will make resources available for anyone to use, leading to a change in the paradigm of service delivery

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