If the Private Cloud benefits the Public Cloud Economic Model?

I added some elements of Cloud Computing economic model of  in a previous article to define Cloud Computing, Innovation in Cloud Computing is precisely its business model with the transformation of capital expenditures in operational expenditure. Is Capex vs. Opex  an innovation for a Private Cloud?

How to make Private Cloud benefits from this innovation?

Look first at the scenarios for different types of private cloud.

What are the different cases, I found 3 scenarios:

  1. You make yourself a private cloud in your infrastructure,
  2. You build it with a partner in your infrastructure (in your Datacenter),
  3. You’re doing a Private Cloud with a partner (in its Datacenter).

What are the details of these options for the establishment of an Infrastructure as a Service : 200 virtual machines, with a growth plan.

Option 1

You build your private cloud in your infrastructure. It means that you can only benefit the model if the supplier allows a rental of your investment. The mesh of your rent could be quite important (probably the 200 vm) and no ability to vary downward.

Option 2

A Partner installs an infrastructure Cloud in your Datacenter. This infrastructure can allow you to have a smaller mesh (eg for 50 vm) but can allow, under certain conditions, to vary the capacity to increase but more difficult to downward.

Option 3

You are not in your infrastructure and you build a private cloud in a partner’s premises. Given its capacity for sharing, you enjoyed the full potential of Cloud. Billing for a vm, based on your needs to rise or fall.

Find here after different scenarios. Option 3 fits with the vm needs. Beyond the economic aspect, it can also satisfy the need for peak.

What is the scenario of your Private Cloud?

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