I Cloud, you Cloud, iCloud ?

The cloud appeared in our collective vocabulary for over 4 years. Look at Google Trends as it is increasingly becoming a concern to all of us.

All of us? To look closer, it is easy to see that classical players, even the most brilliant as Apple, are struggling to make the shift to Cloud Computing.

Next Monday, June 6th, Apple will be announcing an entry into the world of Cloud Computing. This may seem late considering that the Cloud has been in the air since 2007. If it takes time, it may be that a move to Cloud Computing is difficult.

Why is it so difficult?
It is difficult for all classical actors, those that are not born with the Cloud because Cloud is an economic innovation which  completely changes the business model of these actors. Consider some examples: Microsoft is a software vendor (selling Windows for PC) to a software Service provider in the Cloud (Microsoft Live, Office 365). It is the same for hardware vendors. Whether EMC, IBM, HP or even Apple. The majority of their revenues are tied to product sales. Apple is no exception. Even if their products are very successful, they could lose their position if they are not related to Services in the Cloud.

For Cloud players like Google, no change, just an extension of their expertise. The development of the Android and Chrome OS Platforms is oriented to facilitate access to the connected  world and then, to the Cloud… Google’s Cloud as a preferred one.

I wish Apple to surprise us with a Cloud innovation!

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