Build Your Cloud Computing Leadership : keep moving !

Did you ever met some people and said in your mind : “this person worth it” ?
I am not talking about cosmetics 😉

During my experience I met few Leaders, fingers of one hand are enough. I think it’s important to identify Leaders close to you. Leaders are like a light in the dark helping us to see the right path…

You can imagine I am looking for Leaders about Cloud Computing, I found some, but it is an other story. In this area, it is not about Company size or about Technology itself. It is about People, the women and the men, who are building our future with Cloud Computing.

You want to have a Cloud Computing implementation in your company? First SaaS experience or IaaS delivered? A Cloud project to start? Have a look around!
Did you see Cloud Computing Leadership in this area for your company? Lots of people are talking about Cloud stuff… Did you see the Leader who DO things, promote, write, connect and also help to bring this to reality in your Company?

Leadership for Cloud Computing is key for the coming months.

Why IT needs to have leadership for Cloud Computing?

I see two main points :

– First point coming in mind is Partnership and Business Value.
What IT will become? Just contract management or commodity producer? No!
IT will become and have to become a great Business Enabler, a Partner, and take advantage of all new technologies or innovations for business impact.

– The second point is consistency, industrialization and cost efficiency. Remember the PC story, It doesn’t matter first, it was too small, not like “real IT”. Then it had to be managed, it will be the same for Cloud.

So, IT needs to take the lead for the Cloud Computing. But how to develop your leadership skills for Cloud?

– Wake up and think : Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing in mind, all the time,
– Be curious and ask around about Cloud, Cloud, What for ? This vendor ? This implementation, this feedback,
– Talk with your Business to catch business value, impact, change the game, solve a pain, research the value,
– Look for early adopters to create a core team, sure you know, people that are pushing the agenda DOING things,
– Start a first experiment, you need to experiment, it is key to learn, not a big project or a life changing question : START USING CLOUD!

Let’s have a look on a post of my friend Sylvain and remember, Cloud Computing will be a long journey, keep moving ! If you lead, they will follow !

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