The six million dollars server

Do you think we can find a server for this price? I am not kidding!
Are you sure, in fact, we have to think only at upfront costs?

Let’s take an example, imagine you have a new project, sometimes it happens 😉
Then for this project you have to install in your Datacenter some new servers. Back to the Datacenter team and guess what? What could be the surprise? What could be the main concern? No more space! The Datacenter have not enough space for all your servers. Impossible? Incredible? I had this feedback several times from key CTOs. With no space, then you have to build (or rent) a new datacenter! It can cost six million dollars or less or more, whatever, in that cases not only the server’s price.

What could be the option? I propose two:

  • Manage Capacity or
  • Moving to the Cloud.

Capacity Management is the next Dream and the process is long and painful. Process maturity is in general low and to reach the right Capacity level you have to link Asset / Facilities and Project forecast.
On the other hand you have the Cloud option. Not a miracle solution, a pragmatic one. Build a datacenter for the price of a server? It is what Cloud model proposes. You can convert Capex in Opex and also move the Capacity Management delivery to your Cloud Provider.

Are you ready for your next multimillion dollar server?

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