Key Principles for Private Cloud Implementation

Implement a Private Cloud is a challenge that is worth it. This article aims to give some key principles to transform this challenge.

1 – Create a Team in any event,
Nothing is more strong as a great team. The ideal is to go on the principle of the seven dwarfs. Doc, it can facilitate agreement on vocabulary and definitions. Happy, he is always ready even if he does not know why. Sneezy, just for paying attention to the season at the launch of the project, avoid the spring with hay fever. Sleepy, to add the necessary dynamism to the team. Grumpy, its role is to remind you that 25 years ago we did the same thing at Digital. Bashful, I do not know why but he knows. Finally, Dopey for any project to succeed we need a mascot!

2 – Benchmark yourself
Compare its performance with its peers is essential to ensure benefit from best practices. Sectors such as Steel, Bank or Ice factories are an insurance to take up your project. Perform the operation several times.

3 – Structure your project
Like the benchmarking, best practices should guide your project. Specify your needs before starting any implementation. Your need to be fully formalized and described by the project team. Unnecessary at this stage to involve the users of the solution, this can only lengthens the time of implementation. Governance around your project must be flawless with an operational committee based on diaries.

4 – Seek partners
Partners are key to success. Little advice, only see the market leader ASM Cloud. The other offers are not yet fully ripe. HAL has Burps, PH move to Neo and SOIC New Unified System Completed (terminated?), do you lose with these acronyms?

5 – Communicate
Communication with different stakeholders is a key
success factor. Identify the problems and difficulties you encounter to share with the teams. Breakfast difficulties has a hit in general. Try it!

With these tips you’re advised for a journey to the Cloud!

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