Less is More… also for Cloud Computing

Strange to talk about Less and More ? Isn’t it ?

I was reading, during a long business fly, the good book of Leo Babauta : The power of Less.

In the book you will have some key points helping us improving our lives for More… with Less !

Ok, ok, what is the link with Cloud Computing ?

I propose to use this habit of Less for :
– Less Technologies, working with Cloud limits the set of technologies you might use,
– Less Complexity for More Simplicity, in a view, Cloud Computing bring a filter for the complexity,
– Less Options for More Value, if the options are fewer, then you bring more value in each one.

Want to add a proposal on my list ?

Practical steps could be :
– Simple first step, start Small with your first Cloud implementation, it’s a good first step for implementation success,
– Simple first project with simple et clear Objectives. The key word is… less, I know you catch it ;),
– Simple Rhythm, slow down, it is urgent to slow down.
“Smile, breath and go slowly”.

Are you ready for the Cloud Computing with Less for More ?

Waiting for your comments !

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