Cloud Computing and Trust, It’s always a question of Trust

With the entire world is moving towards Cloud Computing the basic question that is before these organization “is Cloud a trustworthy”.
Despite the many advantages of scalable processing power and storage space, the acceptability of Cloud Computing relies on having faith in the Cloud.

The three basic categories that Cloud Computing providers must ensure are :

•​Availability: The Cloud Computing providers must ensure that the service they provide is available always. The industrial standard of availability Cloud Computing is 99.9%. But this is not enough. We should try to attain an availability of 100%. This is because even if the service is down for 0.01% time it can adversely affect the business and cause huge loss. The successes of the electric utility model might be a good example to follow. A company won’t use Cloud services/ applications for critical business processes if the availability is inconsistent. Not yet…

•​Security: When companies will use Cloud they need to keep the critical data outside their own domain. This is considered to be a huge risk as they need to transfer it through a public data network. Providing data protection should be an essential element of any Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract. If it’s not in the contract and the company doesn’t take care of the client’s information, it may result in an increased number of future litigations. To avoid these kinds of problems, a hybrid Cloud might be a good solution. For example, a company might use a Private Cloud for storing crucial information, and use a Public Cloud to add more features to its Private Cloud. Secure network and legal are also essential.

•​Trust: Doubts are raised about what might happen to the Information in the Cloud. Insurance and financial institutes have concerns using Cloud Computing because of Data security and trust on the third party providing Clouding computing. Using a Private Cloud is not an issue, but using a Public Cloud is at a first view a less secure proposition. This is due to the fact that financial companies are handling sensitive data, and some information should never be written to or stored on an external system. These companies are subject to supervision under many national laws. So for all these causes trust on the party providing cloud service is a must.

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