Cloud Computing is not a New Technology !

Few would disagree that the Cloud Computing will launch a new era in IT Organizations. Since the start of client-server computing, Companies have difficulties to keep pace with every technological advances, be it in hardware or software. In order to retain control, they made up this simple rule: “We set up and configure, you only do as you are told.”

This created a clear demarcation between IT personnel and the Users that were working in the company organization. But remind you; it was the only way in which the IT people could have kept the ever-growing genie of IT within the bottle. Fast forwarding to the present, one observes that IT organizations are bursting at the seams with work overload.

The perceived benefits of cutting-edge technologies only just started (in the form of better hardware utilization, lower costs and higher ROI).

Then, at this moment enters the rescuing Knight – Cloud Computing!

Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle Corporation said en September 2008, “What the hell is Cloud Computing? I have no idea what anybody is talking about. I mean it is really just complete gibberish. It’s insane”. And time shift…

  • Is the Cloud use the latest Technologies? No one denies the fact that emerging technological advances improve the way of working. All the wonderful capabilities of Cloud Computing have been made possible due to technologies like virtualizationnetwork improvement, Storage capabilities and so on. But Cloud Computing is not a new Technology.
  • Is Cloud Computing using the latest Architecture? SOA is used for years, and new Architectures will improve the Cloud model. But Cloud Computing is not a new Architecture.
  • Is Cloud Computing a framework or a methodology? ITILCMMIPMIeSCM are key for IT People they benefit the Cloud. Cloud Computing is not a new methodology.

As all of us are aware it is based on an access to almost unlimited computing powerapplications or any storage via the Internet (more cloud definition). It deploys thousands of virtualized servers to push computing resource and efficiency to a new high, with its own resilience and backups.

The Cloud benefits you in a number of ways. The cloud model will have more scalabilityagilitysimplicity as well as much reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). And like the cherry on the cake it comes in the form of a Utility Service like the electricity or office rental.

As a user perspective, this is a New Service offered to you. You profit of this immense Computing Infrastructure according to the same pay-as-you-use terms that you are familiar with some utility. By leveraging your IT needs to the Cloud, significant reduction in in-house IT costs will have a refresh effect on the financial health of your company.

So, dear readers – Cloud is not a great Technology, Architecture or Methodology but a uncommon and novel way of Delivering IT: A disruptive Delivery Model.

Cloud Computing is not a Technological shift it is an Economical one!

This is the paradigm shift that we have to assimilate and then take advantage of it.

With this new mode of delivering IT, what is the biggest change that you perceive? What are the opportunities you may imagine?

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