What Cloud Computing will change for ? #2 : An Innovative Company perspective by Jérémy Fain

Following the first post by Sylvain Pendaries, with a CIO perspective on what Cloud Computing will change, I am very proud to introduce this second post.

“What Cloud Computing will change for ?…”
Thanks to Jérémy !

An innovative Company perspective by Jérémy Fain.

What will Cloud Computing change for you ?
Verteego is an online environmental performance applications vendor. In other words, we provide software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help businesses go green by, for instance, monitoring their Greenhouse Gas emissions, or tracking hazardous chemicals in their supply chain. We basically are a pure player in the Cloud Computing space. Verteego wouldn’t exist as it is without the very notion of Cloud Computing, and Cloud Computing software pioneers such as SalesForce or NetSuite. So, Cloud Computing is not really a change driver for Verteego, but more of an enabler: the more Cloud Computing becomes a mainstream architecture within corporations, the easier it will be for Verteego to be deployed worldwide by global organizations who want to better the environment and their bottom line.

Is there a change ?
I believe Cloud Computing in itself represents both a cultural change and a technology challenge.

What kind ?
A cultural change because CIOs have to redefine the way information is structured: the era when data had to be stored within the firewall is over. The best applications are now available on the Cloud, and it would be a pity for users to have to consume software the old-fashioned way and not benefit from the latest innovations from independent application vendors. Looking at the economics of Cloud Computing, it’s much more healthy for a corporation to subscribe to an online service rather than have to invest loads of money in a software license that will have to be maintained every year. The interests of the software vendor and the customer are better aligned and they behave like partners working together on their success. At least this is the kind of feedback I get from many of our customers at Verteego.
A technology challenge because of 3 keywords of Cloud Computing: Interoperability, Security, and Performance. Interoperability because SaaS has to interact with existing, on-premises solutions; Security because CIOs have to learn to sleep well knowing their billing, customer, environmental, industrial processes, or HR data is stored somewhere on the cloud by a professional applications vendor; and Performance because F500 company employees know how long and tedious it can be to access the web from a corporate firewall.

For you as a professional ?
As a mere applications user, Cloud Computing eases collaboration and pervasive access to data, from multiple devices. Cloud Computing has dramatically enhanced my personal productivity: I have access to my professional data from any computer, I can do troubleshooting for a partner or a customer from anywhere I am in a wink, I can market my company in my spare time using social networks and blogs, and my colleagues and I can interact in a very “Enterprise 2.0” way thanks to all the tools that have been existing out there.

In general for IT people ?
Cloud Computing has been and will remain a fantastic driver of innovation for IT people. Thanks to Cloud Computing, IT people can focus on what they’re best at, namely making sure information management is aligned with the organization’s interests, rather than be the plumbers of information systems.

For your company / business side ?
To put it boldly, Verteego wouldn’t exist as it is without Cloud Computing.

For the relationships with your clients, teams and vendors ?
As I said, Cloud Computing facilitates third-party collaboration. Customers benefit from almost daily updates of the application and support from our certified consulting partners; our team members can work from anywhere, be they in India, the US, Austria or just at home; and complementary independent software vendors or system integrators may integrate seamlessly their applications with our technology thanks to our API named CarbonPark.com.

What will not change ?
What will never change is the need to listen to your customers and partners, understand them, and provide a solution that perfectly matches their needs to the right person at the right moment at the right price.

How about Verteego ?
As I said, Verteego provides environmental management solutions (an enterprise carbon accounting application named Verteego Carbon, a REACH substances of very high concern traceability platform named REACHGarden.com, a carbon accounting technology engine named CarbonPark.com, and more to come…) on the Cloud. The company has been experiencing double digit growth rates in the last 2 years and still has a tremendous potential. See by yourself: only 2% of companies worldwide use SaaS, and only 2% of companies worldwide really manage their environmental performance. I let you do the math…

Jeremy Fain is a cofounder and the CEO of Verteego, a provider of environmental performance solutions on the Cloud. Here is a sample of Verteego’s blue chip customers: Konica Minolta, RICOH, SETEC, IOSIS, Axtel, Messier-Dowty, IDEC, Hilton, Le Bristol, René Derhy, Le Bon Marché and Guerlain. Jeremy is a technology freak who believes organizations with a future are those who genuinely look at their triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profits). You can reach out Jeremy by email at jeremy (dot) fain (at) verteego (dot) com. Jeremy is obviously a major contributor to the Verteego blog (in English).

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