When Cloud Computing came mainstream !

This year 2031 is a great opportunity to come back on when Cloud Computing came mainstream. Younger of us remember that years 2009 and 2010 were the beginning of listening about Cloud Computing.

Remember these first adds (an other) about Cloud with the “to the Cloud” by Microsoft.

It was the beginning of the Cloud Computing everywhere !

It took years for some companies to move “to the Cloud“. The key point is that Companies who leverage the Cloud beat the game ! Why ?
Agility, flexible costs and appropriate SLA all this with the Cloud.

As Gartner predicted, “in 2012, more than 20% of all businesses will have no IT assets”. Let’s say it was a Cloud explosion. IT became the broker for Information Services.

What were the biggest challenges ?

  • One of the biggest challenge was to move to a Service Culture.
  • The second challenge was to stop building our own screws and to leverage the Cloud proposal from Partners (you know they are good ;))
  • Last but not least, it was to succeed on the Security side for both data security and localisation.

Ok ok ! You think I am dreaming ? Not sure !

(c) Piet Mondrian - Red Cloud

2011 will be the Year of the Cloud. I am convinced we are living an incredible time, a changing time, the time of Cloud Computing.

First, for this year, I want to wish you again the best for you and your family.

For this Blog, this year, I wish I will talk Cloud Computing 😉

On the Menu this year, let’s talk about :

  • Some serial started last year will continue like, What Cloud Computing will change for… ? or Back to basics : What is IT Infrastructure ?
  • You will find also some Cloud Computing trends with analysts feedback like Gartner, Forrester or IDC.
  • Don’t forget the Vendors and Partners.
  • Then, I want for this year, to introduce some other Cloud bloggers, the opportunity for us to hear different voices.
  • I will also share, with you, my thoughts… in the Clouds.
  • Anything I missed ? Let’s send me your requests !

Happy Cloud Computing !

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2 Responses to When Cloud Computing came mainstream !

  1. Joseph Sasson says:

    We’re still a long way to get there, but again, we sure can help speed things up ; dying to show you how ! 🙂

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