How Cloud Computing will change the CTO (Chief technology Officer) Agenda ?

In this post I put forward my thoughts on the impact that Cloud Computing will have on a business organization Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

In the earlier years the CTO’s main thrust was on infrastructure upgrading. You started with upgrading the CPU or the MIPS to enhance the computing power. Then came the upgrading of storage to accommodate the ever-increasing volume of data. Next upgrading job was that of the networking to provide a smooth and conflict-free client-server or web apps computing environment.
You talked, thought and dreamed of upgrading only. You were fighting product (fast) obsolescence and ensuring capacity enhancement with your dear life.

And now, imagine that the organization has opted for Cloud Computing, what will be your new role ?
As Cloud Computing is a Service – whether you use IaaS, PaaS or SaaS – it is likely to be in the form of Service Management. Understanding the importance of IT becoming, also the IT Infrastructure, Business Service focused should be your first step. You have to learn a lot of new things, go through a rather steep learning curve, because you as the CTO will be the driving force and the acknowledged leader of your team. The entire job-orientation will need to be changed from Capacity to Service. For this transformation, you as the CTO will be entrusted with the job of finding the right partners as Cloud Service Providers.

There are several points to ponder, questions that you should ask yourself.

  • How do I make the Cloud work for the unique needs of my Business ?
  • How do I mitigate and manage the risk of moving to the Cloud ?
  • How do I make my organization to take advantage of the Cloud ?
  • How to involve my people to understand that like most innovations this is not (just) about technology ?
  • How efficient is the data protection of my Service providers ?
  • How do I ensure that the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is optimum ?

This agenda is a tremendous change for the CTO and for the teams. This change is a sea change because it radically alters your work perception from Capacity delivery to Service provider.

This change has to be managed !

The challenge has to be faced and faced successfully. Pick up those people as your core team members who enthusiastic, not resistant to change and eager to learn new ways of working. Confide in them giving the Target picture and lead from the front to script the change to make the switch a success. Start with simple IT infrastructure Services like mail. You can also lead the Cloud topic with business related project in SaaS like CRM.

Are you ready to be part of this challenging Agenda?
And how do you manage this changing Agenda?

Feel free to share your thoughts with me !

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