Session – Implement your Private Cloud with Microsoft

What about moving in a Private Cloud with Microsoft ?

The Microsoft’s Journey for Private Cloud is split in 5 steps
1- Standardize on evolutive servers,
2- Improve your skills on the virtualization area,
3- Standardize your administration on a unify admin platform,
4- Lean your processes,
5- Architect your resources in pools.

Let’s detail each part.

1- Standardize on evolutive servers
Microsoft built strong partnerships with Fujtsu, IBM, NEC, DELL, Hitachi and HP.
Cisco will come soon with UCS.

Microsoft special site here.

2- Improve your skills on the virtualization area

The virtualization solution is Hyper-V.

Service pack 1 with two new features, next version is linked with Widows Server roadmap. Its release is estimated within 18 to 24 month (H2 2012). Service pack new features are Dynamic memory for dynamic allocation on the virtual machine and Remote fx for VDI video improvement. More details here.

3- Standardize your Administration on a unify admin platform

Your standardized and unify administration will be based on :
– System Center Configuration Manager,
– System Center Virtual Machine Manager,
– System Center Operation Manager,
– System Center Data Protection Manager.

Each product is closely linked with the Hyper-V and all other Microsoft’s components like Active Directory for example.

4- Lean your processes

Your processes can be defined in the System Center tools. You have to first work on the Service definition and then on the SLAs. The virtualization introduces new roles like VM Admin. You can delegate in the defined processes different part of the process. You can have a VM Admin, Delegated Admin, Network Admin and Storage Admin as actors in the process.

A new Microsoft’s acquisition will help you on the Run Book Automation.

Opalis will leverage the automation side of System Center suite.

5- Architect your resources in pools

Microsoft introduces Virtual Manager Self Service Portal (VM SSP) for Private Cloud implementation. You can download it for free here.

It could be the first stone for your IaaS Private Cloud.

Microsoft’s partners can help you building your Internal Private Cloud with professional service support. Microsoft Consulting Service with “DCS” and Avanade with “Storm“.

It was an interesting session. I should suggest three improvements.
– Check before starting the session, what are the needs, concerns and issues of the attendees. It could help for a better highlighting on some key points.
– Introduce a “question and share” part, to help the attendees for more interactions.
– Badly, the world is not only using Microsoft’s products. Interoperability is a key success factor for better introduction of Microsoft’s technology. Spend time on this.

Are you moving forward with your Private Cloud Implementation with Microsoft ?
Feel free to share with me !

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