Trends for HP Software Universe 2010 in Barcelona

HP software Universe started at Barcelona last Tuesday, how impressive it is to see more than 3500 people for this event in Europe !

It started with great flamenco… HP Software is dancing !

You can visit also the Partners’ exhibition in a hudge space. More than 80 exhibit demos and dedicated areas and 170 break out sessions.

You can imagine that my preferred area was the Cloud Zone 😉

So, what are the trends and nexts steps with HP Software ?

HP Software vision is structured around 5 topics

  • Build, with ALM 11,
  • Operate, with BSM 9,
  • Secure, with Arcsight fortify
  • Store, with HP Trim 7,
  • Analyse, with Executive Scorecard.

HP’s vision is that the CIO will become the “broker for IT Services”. I Like this approach, I introduced this in a previous post. IT is moving from Capacity management to Integration management from a Plan-Build-Run to a Source-Integrate-Manage agenda.

One key point for this HP Software Universe in the major release of ALM 11 for moving the Application Life Cycle Management to modern apps delivering. The Conductor for all involved profiles in the application life cycle.
HP is more and more present in the software space with a very large offer. I agree with Darryl K. Taft post as it sounds HP will become more and more a Software company : HP is Serious about software.

And what about Cloud technology ?
On the Cloud side, I had a look on the latest HP Matrix, for internal Cloud solution building. You can see at this stage (this product was introduced in June 2009) that this is a more mature solution and more integrated with all HP Software product.
You can imagine to have a “all in one proposal” with all the needed stacks for building your own internal Cloud. Sure some areas need to be improved, like product integration… but you can say : “There is an internal Cloud Appliance available within HP !”.

What about a Cloud journey for HP ?
HP is proposing a journey in 5 steps

  • One step at a time, start with one thing and an other one, no more,
  • Be pragmatic and get things done, start and do it,
  • Start with applications analysis, applications are the target for your Cloud,
  • Follow with process definition, processes, processes, still a process question,
  • And just at the end, look at the technology, please do not start with technology first, yes it is important but the 4 previous topics are more important for structuring your Cloud journey.

To conclude, I want to highlight the great keynoter Jonas Ridderstrale, it was an awesome presentation, a Keynote with a big K.
“World is changing fast…think that 50% of the humanity are… womencentralized management will diesocial networks will dominate and don’t forget to propose dreams !

A great session in Barcelona for HP Software Universe 2010.

Thanks !

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