HP Software Universe 2010 in Barcelona

Today is the first day for HP Software Universe 2010 in Barcelona.

It already started with HP Software Customer Advisory Board (CAB) which I found a great lesson about listening to your customers.

The CAB is organized twice a year, one session in Europe and one in the US. The CAB is where HP speaks and exchanges with customers for sharing strategy, next steps and also feedbacks from clients.

HP’s clients can come to express their voice. When you are a major HP Client you can participate on a dedicated area like Project Portfolio Management, Automation or IT Service Management as examples. Your HP Software sales manager can help you in the process if you want to attend at the next session.

The good point is, if you doubt about it, that HP is listening from its clients. An other good point is to see that participants concerns are the same. Either they are in different industries or using different HP products. In the CAB session, you will present your company landscape in 3 slides including your HP Solutions and major challenges. The clients’ representative in the CAB are at Management level with operational responsibilities to explain operational challenges and illustrate the feedbacks.

I think the CAB is a great place for sharing and give feedback. The best value for it, is peers exchanges. Peers help you sharing issues and solutions and it helps also for benchmarking : am I late or faster, structured or need to improve ? You will get some answers.

The CAB was a great sound for the next days in HP Software Universe 2010 in Barcelona.

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