Back to basics : What is IT infrastructure ? #1 Datacenter and PUE.

I had some comments about explaining and defining more what is IT Infrastructure. I am very pleased to introduce this new serial !

Back to basics : What is IT Infrastructure ? Datacenter and PUE.

Apple Datacenter

Did your heard about PUE ?
On the Datacenter field, PUE is a key element. A foundation for the Datacenter efficiency. First : What does it mean ? PEU is for Power Usage Effectiveness.
But before talking about efficiency of the Datacenter and PUE…

What is a Datacenter ?

A Datacenter is a special space, it can be a building, a part of a building, with a good security level to be sure that just the right people can access. The Datacenter is where you can find some servers, telecom equipments and all the datas.

Servers and servers... in the Datacenter

Without these Datacenters : No Cloud Computing !

The heart of the Cloud Computing is in the Datacenter.
Look at this two articles (in french) : Au coeur d’un Datacenter. Les serveurs très gourmands en énergie. In these posts, it highlights the fact Datacenters is greedy with energy. Why is it the case ? A server, a storage system or a network equipment is consuming power… and releasing heat. Imagine you put hundreds and hundreds in some cases thousands in the same space ? It requires some cooling… which also needs energy. Then you can understand the difference between the total energy needed for the Datacenter and the energy just for Infrastructures (Servers, storage, telecom equipement,…).

Look also at some figures : energy for datacenters is incredibly important.

  • 0,6% of US electricity in 2000, 1,5% in 2010 and analysts think the needs will increasing more and more.

What about PUE ?

Why PUE is important for Datacenter efficiency ?

PUE helps you to be greener !

PUE formula is  \mathrm{PUE}  =  {\mbox{Total Facility Power} \over \mbox{IT Equipment Power}}

This simple ratio is the total power entering the data center divided by the power used by the IT equipment. Some benchmark figures for better PUE in the datacenter (Source Google).

Scenario PUE in 2011
Current Trends 1.9
Improved Operations 1.7
Best Practices 1.3
State-of-the-Art 1.2

Introducing some new KPI associated with the PUE will help your IT to improve the datacenter Efficiency. For example Core/Kw could be a good one for collaboration between Datacenter and servers teams. “Energy efficiency and monitoring” and “Compute and datacenter density” are two topics Gartner presented in the top 10 Infrastructure trends.

Do you know what is the PUE in your company ? Maybe you can ask your IT ?
Challenging this, will have an impact on the Climate ! Help Reducing datacenter consumption and energy bill is also a key point on a financial perspective which can help in these challenging times…

Datacenter is where the Cloud lives !
Are you ready for a greener Datacenter ? A greener Cloud ?


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