What time is it ?

It’s time for Cloud Computing at Club MAZAG with EMC and Jaeger-LeCoultre !

Well informed IT’s Heads and Managers of the financial sector have been on time around Cloud Computing this Monday evening, November 22nd. Next time is the Cloud Computing … we are going to use it in the next few years!

Cloud computing “is your Utility Computing ” explained Christian Hiller, General Manager of EMC France.
The financial sector has not yet launch a significant move in this area but some services such as mail or the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be a first step “dans les nuages”.

How can we imagine the move to the Cloud? A suggested steps:

  • A dedicated Cloud in the customer’s premises,
  • A dedicated Cloud with a Partner,
  • A Public Cloud to Share Infrastructures.

However, some obstacles remain to rise as the legal and security aspects. To share these issues, worthy of precision engineering is nothing like a lesson from Jaeger-LeCoultre’s masters watchmakers! Thanks to Arnaud Lassaussois from “Les Montres” shops.

Bravo to Club MAZAG for this very successful evening which allows… time for meetings.

If you want to participate to the next edition of Club MAZAG, leave your details here.

Please have also a look at Denis’ blog, our guest.


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