A fresh saturday with innovative projects at Epitech !

For over 5 years, I participate regularly (just to say not every year) in the forum dedicated to EIPEpitech Innovative Project.

Guess what?

It is always incredible! I am always impressed by the work of students. It is always with a very good quality. The students are ready to present their projects with a hook, usually a special shirt, some papers and videos on screens. The projects are all interesting.

I found during this edition, two projects that I want to share with you.
The first is called Cloudly

Have you ever had the unpleasant surprise of having no more space on your USB drive?
It’s annoying right? With Cloudly it is finished! Your storage is always on a USB key but this time you have no limits! How? Cloud effect! Cloudly gives you a USB stick without limitation by storing information on a space in the Cloud (Amazon). Guaranteed effect!


Nice team !



The second project is called Diva

You tell me that this is a premium service based on music? Not really … Diva merits its name for the configuration of environments: Platform as a Service (PaaS) this around a very simple Appstore. A Diva for PaaS! Imagine you need to install MySQL for 5 hours for the duration of a test? In normal times it is long, it’s complicated and it is expensive. For less than one euro Diva gives you this service! To achieve this feat Diva uses ElasticHosts. Very promising for SMEs and all developers who want quick service without server configured and caring implementation. The icing on the cake? Once the server is configured, if you do not use it … you pay nothing.
A true Diva!

Diva AppStore

After this visit, I shared my enthusiasm with Kwame Yamgnane new Epitech’s Deputy Managing Director and Flavien Astraud Director of EIP : Refreshing Saturday! Bravo!

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