Trends for IT Executives at Gartner Symposium Cannes 2010

This week was the Gartner Symposium in Cannes. I had the opportunity to attend on the first two days.

It was the first time for me and to be franc I anticipated not a very good seminar. The kind of seminar with no high value or same things I already can find either on the Internet or with Analysts subscription. It was not the case !

I took lots of materials and notes for all the sessions and one on one I had. It was difficult to extract for you what I think important.

So I choose to share 3 topics related with this symposium.

  1. Addressing the Challenges to Lead Your Bank beyond 2010.
  2. The Information Management challenges.
  3. Infrastructure and Operation : top 10 trends to watch.

1. Addressing the Challenges to Lead Your Bank beyond 2010
First message was that the financial institutions are better now and profits are back. They are still playing the game as they did in the past.
BUT ! “playing the game as we did” is a red flag. Is the financial industry understand that being in this area on a sustainable way needs a transformation ? Not enough !

On the CIO agenda for the banking industry you will find :

– IT New value proposition as CIO need to be a partner for the business
Work on the for the customers, attract and retain good people and then maintain competitive advantages with innovations.

– IT will help to take better decisions and smarter ones
Move from resource based IT to a result based IT. Work on the information and leverage your external partners.

– IT will use strategic and new technologies
Collaboration, collaboration and collaboration and look at social media. Include more the business for value technology investments and look at the Cloud banking (not Cloud computing) for improving scale, service level and access.

2. The grand challenges of information: Innovation to make your infrastructure and users smarter.
Information combat: information Inertia Is the enemy. By 2015 those who can manage and implement information management. Shareable what ever the type of information ( means more video, audio, …) will have a real competitive advantage.

– The Challenge ?
Volume growth by 59% per year but 70 to 85% is not structured datas (mail, blog, video, audio,…). For example : Internet is growing by 15 Peta bytes every day !

– What kind of approach ?
You have to structure your IS with a framework for information value model. Make this information shareable. It will required new skills in the Architects teams like Information Architects with modelling and statistics skills. Then consider the verbs : Find, Analyse / Collaborate / Integrate and Share. This is the value path for Information challenges.

– Where do you Start ?
Not a big bang approach. Begging Harnessing. Start with any project and be agile your infrastructure will have to be redesign !
On the technology side, no mature solutions yet. Look at Mapreduce (Google).

3. Infrastructure and operation : top 10 trends to watch

1-Virtualization is just beginning
All will be virtualized ! Server / storage / network / apps / desktops…
Virtualization rate from 12 for 1 in 2010 to 30 to one in 2012 !

2-Big data – the elephant is in the room
Business trends are shaping storage. Five years 800% growth and mainly unstructured data.
Tiering / dedup / virtualization for implementation before end of 2013.

3-Energy efficiency and monitoring
Datacenter… consumption. Intersection between facilities and IT as a challenge.
Green it still non the agenda !
ITIL / Automation / monitoring for more efficiency
Move now for 2012 new challenges !

4-Unified communication – extended
Wikipedia launch in 2001, 4300 new articles every day in 2010.
2282 text messages sent by teenagers in the US per month !
Areas : Unified messaging / calling / Presence / Mobile extension / Location based services / Fix replacement.

5-Staff retention and retaining (not a technical one but identified as a challenging one ! )
People may have from 10 to 14 jobs by the age of 38 ! (US).
Critical skills needed
-vertical focus is limited
-breadth of KM rate
-project management skills
Enable / reward learning !

6- Open collaboration
If Facebook was a country ? 4th in the world !
Social media in the company : look, experiment and move forward !

7- Migration Windows and office
You have to do it before end of 2013 ! (end of XP Support).

8-Compute and datacenter density
Linked with Datacenter issues. Performance per Core/kilowatt as a new KPI. Improve it with your server team.

9-Cloud Computing
– First step : Evaluate commodity services to provide in the cloud.
Security is a always a concern, improve your policies !
Cloud delivery model will include pricing for the service.
– Second step : Categorize application/service based on SLAs and risk before proceeding.
Where do I compute ? Who do I trust ?
– Third step : Implement ! (now).

10- Fabric computing or Infrastructure convergence
Time frame : 2012 / 2014, The end of technical silos : network, storage, servers, OS. Implement your first HP Matrix / Cisco UCS all are proprietary solutions but with high value. Warning on the energy efficiency and capacity to measure it.

Cloudy Cannes

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