Listen to your Clients to improve your Cloud implementation

To start with, let me put a question to you.
Who is the Boss of your Business ?
Who can make or break your Company ?

Definitely not you or your trusted managers and workers.
It is he who uses the products or services that your organization provides : the Client.

Don’t you think that a day in the office without a Client contact is a lost day ?

Well, let us face it – we survive because of our Clients. I am sure all of you are nodding gravely to what I have come out with so far !
But will you be surprised if I propose that Clients can do much more ? The title of this post is the pointer to what I am leading to.

So you are going to implement the Cloud ! I wish all success to you.

Can you give all the answer ?

  • For whom is the cloud ?
  • Who will be using it ?
  • What are their needs ?
  • What are the expectations ? With what priority ?
  • What are their apprehensions or risks ?

Cloud implementation is a massive project to embark upon and requires a paradigm shift in your perception. It is easy to overlook the small details. Flying high up, you can discern the forest, not the individual trees. The bigger your organization, more likely it is to happen.
As an example, Implementing Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) is all about providing IT services. Quality of service will make a happy client and a happy client is an ambassador of your Services, a sure signpost to draw others.
To keep a Client happy you have to provide the right features and appropriated service level. And to successfully do that you have to know your Clients. Put yourself in their shoes to understand their problems and the way they expect them to be solved by you. Analyzing your potential clients should the first priority of any Cloud implementation endeavor.

The most likely issues faced by a Client thinking of availing your Cloud Services will be,

  • How do I make the Cloud work for the unique needs of my business?
  • How do I ensure that my data will be secure / risk free ?
  • What should be the nature and amount of information I want to be hosted out of Company premisses ?
  • What are the probabilities of being shut out because the Cloud broke down and impacts ?
  • What is the quality and response time of Support?

Think for our Clients is synonym of Value. With real client’s needs and exchanges, your are sure to implement a true Service.

I reinforce my thoughts by providing links to the Michael Porter’s Value Chain. Competitive advantage starts only with Clients.

Are you close to your clients ?
Close enough to recognize them as catalysts to your success ?

I am waiting for your comments !

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