Cloud Computing ? What will it change for you ?

Cloud Computing is every where !

Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, Cloud ! Just can’t hear anything else…

Everything is Cloud Computing.

I can hear in this Cloud message some freedom. Cloud Computing is

  • Offf premise, from IS and systems,
  • Elasticity for capacity,
  • Flexible billing,
  • More and more virtualization,
  • Universal access, just need your Internet access,
  • Simplified management,
  • Affordable resources,
  • Service level management, just the one you need,
  • What more ?

On my side, Cloud Computing is an opportunity for moving from Infrastructure Technology provider to Services Provider. It is a huge opportunity for Infrastructure provider teams to move forward and reinforce their role as a Service provider !

It is also an opportunity to move on a Business approach and work as Business Partners within the IT teams. This opporutnity of Cloud Computing can also help introducing innovation and new technologies to sustain IT overall delivery and value for the Company.

Cloud ? No ! Martian Dunes and the Shadow of Opportunity

Ok, ok… but you ? Yes, YOU !

I want to know ! Your feelings about Cloud Computing, you vision.

  • What it will change for you ?
  • It will change something ?
  • What ? Why ?
  • In you day to day life ?
  • For your company ? your clients ? your teams, vendors all your relationships ?
  • What will not change ?
  • What else ?

Ready for sharing ?

1… 2….3…. Comment !

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