Your developers are running away for Cloud Services !

CIOs, CTOs do you know your developpers are running away for Cloud Services ? Outside your company ? Maybe in few cases yes, but I guess in many cases you don’t !

About the news ?

This week is a major week for Cloud Computing Services ! Next Monday, it means starting November the 1st Amazon will start to deliver AWS Free Usage Tier. No, no, I am not kidding… AWS for FREE ! Awesome isn’t it ? Sure there are some service limitations.

Look at Amazon website (here) and also some good posts on this topic. One from James Staten from Forrester (here) and an other one from Krishnan Subramanian (here)

With Platform as a Service (PaaS) proposals, developers teams find some services they expected for a long time.
– simpler and faster means agility,
– just what they need and no more means the service they expected,
– less expensive means just pay what you are using and no more.

About the market ?
This move is not a new move. Amazon is not alone in that space. Some others provider are trying to catch developers, like Joyent (with Smart platform), Microsoft (with Windows Azure) and Salesforce (with You can also look at my previous post on PaaS.

About the risks ?
Your code is part of your IT Asset. Can you imagine it can be shared over the Internet without any control ? You have to remember some of the Platform as a Service are free, and in most cases very easy to manage with only a valid credit card number.

About managing this ?
Still coming back on my Partners are Good post (I know, an other time, but I like it 😉 ), leverage your relationship with your Partners ! You are a Microsoft’s shop ? Yes ? Fine. Make a deal with Microsoft’s to help you moving forward and managing this WITH you.

An other option is to improve your Service offer for Developers.

  • First, ask what they are expecting and where are the issues and concerns regarding your internal services,
  • Second, find some areas to improve quickly your own services, it means in less than one month. For example : Time to deliver a new platform, choice of the systems or DB on it.
  • Third, implement a pilot, with the partner of you choice, in sync with your internal guidelines. It is to leverage the market offer and to help your teams to see the value. This pilot should help introducing some others key topics on your services for developers and it helps for the change management.

About feedbacks ?
As a CIOs, CTOs, Architect, Engineer or member of the team…
What can we do ? Or what did you do ?
Please share with me !

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