Steve Ballmer and the Cloud

Look in the sky in these rainy days. All Cloud news are falling like the rains in autumn. Why Steve Ballmer and the Cloud ? Maybe I should talk about Microsoft and the Cloud. This company is moving fast forward in this direction.

... From the Clouds

Few days ago, I had the chance to participate to Steve Ballmer’s presentation regarding the Cloud in Paris. It was also the opportunity to have Microsoft’s vision regarding this challenge. The message was clear and straight, you know Steve is a good speaker: “Cloud will change everything and Microsoft is the leader for Business Enterprise.”

The speech was structured in five parts.
– Create opportunities and responsibilities, Cloud Computing is an opportunity and a new business model.
– Help you learn decide and take action, including search capabilities.
– Enhance your social and professional interactions, Cloud Computing for better collaboration and sharing.
– Drives servers advances that drive the Cloud, Cloud Computing hardware as a commodity.
– Wants smarter devices, Cloud Computing and the device means mobile devices. It is about new Windows Phone 7 devices.

In each topic you can read Microsoft Offer. Microsoft will provide multiples Cloud Services in various areas.

Look also the last news release for Microsoft, all about Cloud !

I think that Office 365 is a significative change for Microsoft moving from a Software company to a Cloud Service company. For you also it’s an opportunity to start moving using Cloud Services. Look at Louis Nauges’ Blog he is giving a pragmatic migration approach for Office migration (good post in french).

Where do you start ?

I am convinced that IT Transformation using Cloud Computing Services will start with these Commodity Services from Companies like Microsoft. In a previous post, I explained that partners were good. It is the case for Microsoft. This company can help you for your transformation, starting to find the services that can be delivered in the Cloud.

Let me describe the approach
– Find some Commodity Services that can be delivered in the Cloud (Office, mail, CRM),
– Look at the market and some key Partners (Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce),
– Find a Pilot within your organization to deliver a first implementation (small but representative, also with some key people in that can tell how it is great when delivered),
– Find early adopters and open minded people in your team to support and implement this change,
– Communicate and explain again and again the Value of such a change (elasticity, flexible billing, simplified management, service level management and cost efficiency),

When are you implementing your first Cloud Service ?

Please share with me !

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