Cloud Computing or Die !

Are you driving your car ? Using some trains or subways for transportation ? Paying some electricity bills ? Sure you are ! Now look on the IT side, why are you still building your own screws and railroad (infrastructure) and power plants (computing) ? IT is changing dramatically, if you don’t move in the Cloud Computing opportunity you are dead !

You think I am kidding, I am doing to much ? No !
IT is becoming faster and faster a Utility as mentioned in his visionary article IT Doesn’t Matter, Nicholas G. Carr. He introduces (in 2003) Utility vision for IT. Moore law still true and will be true for a while. It means more and more capacity, more and more power all this cheaper. All key vendors are moving in the Cloud on a Service based offer, it will improve the commoditization of IT delivery.

IT Executives must leverage this opportunity with Cloud Computing. How to do that ?
The CTO and the CIO agenda will change dramatically, it will move from Plan-Build-Run to a Source-Integrate-Manage agenda.
Plan for IT Annual Plan linked to the resources’ capacity,
Build our own IT resources, like the screws, railroads and other power plants,
Run as day to day operation on our own builds.

This will move with Cloud Computing.
Source means find the right Services / Partners to sustain the Business needs,
Integrate theses Services in a coherent IT Solutions and Services,
Manage for Service Management and Vendor management.

Is there any advantage to move on ? Yes !

The IT Executives can give an accurate answer for the Business needs with the Cloud. Also moving Capex in Opex and less issues on the capacity planning side sounds great for a competitive advantage.

How long will you stay without Cloud Computing ?

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