Knowledge management is key for your Cloud implementation !

How do we implement internal Cloud ? Why should we do it ? You can build your own Cloud, which makes a lot of sense, albeit with a chunk of investment. Your internal Cloud will be an internal shared services system managed by a team responsible for planning, operation, 24×7 availability, and maintenance and scaling the cloud up or down as required.

Implementing Cloud Computing requires a great deal of knowledge, most of it new, to be acquired, understood, absorbed and shared. According to Peter Drucker, all of us are Knowledge Workers. (More details here).

In order to be successful in your endeavor, you have to practice Knowledge Management (KM). Knowledge Management System classifies various methods and technologies to improve individual and organizational performance by optimum use of acquired knowledge by sharing knowledge. KM proposes a model termed as the General Knowledge Model, which describes the different phases by which any knowledge or information or data is acquired, assimilated and put to use. These are knowledge creation, retention, transfer and utilization.

Knowledge Management is Key for your Cloud implementation

The knowledge or information needed to successfully implement Cloud Computing is of a wide nature. They will pertain to strategies to adopt, both Business and ServiceTechnical guidelines to be adhered to, system Architecture patterns to be studied for implementation, Service Management to be practiced, and a lot more. All these knowledge has to be shared among the different teams entrusted with building the cloud. Teams like Architect teams, Operation teams, Integration teams, Services teams and may be some of the large and important vendors, all should be participating in sharing and practicing these knowledge.

Many companies do not give proper recognition to Knowledge Management. They perceive it as a kind of hindrance. They accord a low priority to sharing of knowledge. It is the responsibility of the top executives of the organization to promote KM for improving information sharing. One way to make people aware and appreciative of KM, is to invite some KM professionals for learning and doubt-clearing. When recruiting people for tour Cloud implementation, select open-minded and add new generation, as they would be free of any mental blocks regarding knowledge sharing. Team members with high inter-personal communication skill would be the most to benefit from practicing Knowledge Management.

To develop the practice of information sharing for successful implementation of Cloud Computing, Knowledge Management is a key asset and so can never be ignored.

Today’s question is what about YOU and Knowledge Management ? Share with me !

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