What is IT Infrastructure ? Guess what means FO-C-US ?

I was discussing with a friend of mine. We were talking about the basics. Always coming back to the basics and sure he is absolutely right ! By the way you can look at his blog here.

So, what is the link with IT Infrastructure ?
Basics for infrastructure ? I had also some questions from my readers about explaining IT Infrastructure. What are the roots of IT Infrastructure ?

Maybe first try with a definition ?
I had a look over the Internet and what was my surprise ? There is not really a common definition even on Wikipedia. I am trying…

The first words coming for IT Infrastructure definition is hardware, computers, all that kind of stuff. Then you can add all the software which manage the hardware and allow interconnections.

To keep the split in mind, I introduce the FO-C-US as I split IT Infrastructure in 3 families :
User Services.

The FOundation side includes Datacenters (a special room, some times big where the servers are, read this article about Microsoft Mega Datacenter ), the network part (all communication stuff including cables, routers – the box between the cables).

For the Computing environment you find all servers stacks (all hardwares, systems – Z/OS, As/400, Unix, Windows, Vmware – look at this good definition in wikipeadia), the storage part (the boxes where the informations lives) and all Infrastructure softwares (Databases, Monitoring, scheduling, automation, …).

Last but not least, the User Services includes all end user devices (PC, Mac, Laptop, mobile devices) and also some software layers built for the office (Windows in the device, mail systems, collaborations tools such as instant messaging and video or knowledge sharing). Look how Avaya imagine the next steps in collaboration here.

IT Infrastructure field is linked to all this FOCUS scope. If you want to make the link with Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure is included as a first layer as Infrastructure as a Service in the Cloud landscape.

Was it clear enough ? What should be precise ? Feel free for a comment and stay FOCUS 😉

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2 Responses to What is IT Infrastructure ? Guess what means FO-C-US ?

  1. slycio49 says:

    Thanks for remembering all our discussions. Keep up the good job!

  2. Bangalore IT says:

    I look forward to your next post. What I would also find interesting is FO-C-US scope. You have presented your knowledge of IT infrastructure in simple ways which is easy to understand.

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