Partners are good !

To start with, let us concentrate on the first word of the title – Partners.
Partners are indispensable in any business. And I am not meaning
partnerships in which an organization has more than one boss. In
this context, partners are businesses sharing a common platform
complementing each other to increase business development.
The key word here is complement. The gamut of such partners runs all through Hardware, Software, Consulting, Services, to name a few.

Now for the rest of the title. All your partners, like you, want to be a part
of the Cloud challenge. Simply because all of them want to increase
their market share of products or services. It is to your advantage if some
of the partners participate in the cloud contest. As a Client (for example to build your own internal Cloud if you are a big company) you should be able to provide the underlying hardware, operating systems and application resources to clients (in this case even internal Clients, I suppose some IT). You are offering CPU, memory, storage, networking, security and all other infrastructural resources packaged together : your services.

Coming back to your Partners. They can help you to accelerate in building the Cloud.
After all, you know each other’s capabilities too well and you will not have
to worry about getting the right product or service at the right price. Any
new innovation that your partners come up with will be yours to avail.

The choice is not easy as it depends on a number of factors. Maybe have a look on
some of your erstwhile partners. Capitalize on their knowledge of your history, your constraints they can help you moving faster for building your cloud. Anyway, you have also to add new Partners. Why ? To help you reinvent your way of introducing diversity and wealth. Then start with a small project to identify enabler people in your perimeter and move forward !

What are your relationships with your partners? Feel free to share with me!

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4 Responses to Partners are good !

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  4. Joseph Sasson says:

    Please, give us a chance to show you how good partners we can be !

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