Is Cloud Computing really in the trend ?

I was re-reading a good post regarding IT Infrastructure technology trends written by Ram C. Mohanlink here).
In his article he describes what will be the trends for… 2009 !

The 20 key points for IT infrastructure for 2009. The post is dated for early january 2009 so it is 20 months from now.

Just to focus on the main 5 topics he mentioned.

The first one was about reducing IT spending, the second one was on efficiency for operations, the third one on Infrastructure maturity including process improvement, the fourth one on IT Service Management for developing ITIL framework implementation and last but not least the fifth one on Virtualization and Datacenter consolidation.

This writing is very interesting because 20 months from now, no sound about Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as a Service and so on ! Maybe only the tenth topics with Managed Services sounds a beginning…

Google trend for Cloud Computing Search

Is Cloud Computing an overnight success ? I don’t think so, Cloud Computing and other related topics are not in the trends. These topics will transform IT Delivery for the next decades. We are facing The next step in IT delivery.

I will be pleased to share with you in this blog some thoughts about trends and others associated topics. For example : ITSM, which partners for Cloud implementation and Cloud implementation benefits…

Share with me your trends and suggestions !

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