Cloud computing definition ? You said fog ?

Do you try do find a clear definition of cloud computing ?
I tried and to be frank it is fog !

Each vendor have its own vision due to their position, service or products they provide.

Try to find one !

First, search on the internet, you can have Wikipedia definition (here) something clear. Then you can ask some analysts on the topic, they will provide more precise. Gartner says “Cloud Computing is a style of computing where massively scalable IT related capabilities are provided ‘as a service’ over the Internet for multiple customers. ”

My favorite was found in a very interesting book related to Cloud Computing : “Cloud computing explained : implementation handbook for enterprises”, the author, John Rhoton, gave a very detailed definition.
I extract my favorites points. Cloud computing introduces off premise, elasticity, flexible billing, virtualization, service delivery, universal access, simplified management, affordable resources, multi tenancy, service level management. All theses topics are key for developing Cloud Computing capacity. These points could be a starting point for measuring where you are on developing your Cloud for example.

Look at John Rhoton book and let me introduce the “Good reading” page.

And you, what is your definition ?

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